Objectives IMPRESS

The overall objective of the IMPRESS project was to develop an affordable, portable, multiplexed and flexible biosensor device (the IMPRESSOR) which gives a fast impression of the quality and safety of food.


With an estimated production price of 10 k€, the system is affordable for any small or medium enterprise or even a private user, which is producing or distributing or consuming food in any country or region of the world. The coated (spotted) biosensor chips are reusable for over 50 times, which reduces the costs of the consumables.


The prototype system (the IMPRESSOR) is portable and in a thick laptop format, easy-to-use in any environment and works outside any specialized laboratory.


The prototype system is able to measure the concentration of many contaminants (up to 1000 spots) in a single sample of food and within a single measurement.


The system is designed to develop assays according to the wishes of the future users (customized).


The assay time is 15 minutes and this will allow the real time monitoring of the quality of food.