Technological innovation IMPRESS

The IMPRESSOR system constitutes of two fundamental elements: A disposable biochip customized for the detection of a set of parameters of the quality of the food (e.g. the detection of a set of allergens, toxins and/or antibiotics). An electronic reading system (the IMPRESSOR) enabling the dispensing and the analytical screening of the food sample and the electronic evaluation, storage and communication of the results.

During the project, the IMPRESSOR prototype system evolved from an open system (A) to an integrated system (B).

This prototype is: affordable (estimated production price of 10k€ (in mass production)), portable ((thick) laptop format), suitable for multiplexing (up to 1000 spots), based on Nanoplasmonic SPR, and fast because multiple assays can be performed simultaneously within 15 min. The coated (spotted) biosensor chips are reusable for over 50 times, which reduces the costs of the consumables, and the sensitivities are in the ranges of the requirements (ppb for the mycotoxin and antibiotic and ppm for the allergens). The synthetic epitope-containing peptides (SEPs) improved the biosensor immunoassay for milk proteins. Other identified SEPs were tested with anti-soy monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and with polyclonal antibodies (pAbs) against egg white, egg yolk, lupine and wheat and were proven to be specific in an array format. Combined applications with mycotoxin and antibiotic assays could be performed which is promising for the future application.